Session 17: 14th March 2019

The ALCP met in two sessions – the normal business meeting took place in the morning and the extended session with Chairs of the Local Learning Community Partnerships in the afternoon. The papers and presentation from both are available here…

Session 17 Notes

LLCP Summary

workforce development sub update

CoursesBusiness leaflet 2019

Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems (ONLINE)

NESCol Enrolment Form 18_19 NESCol

Extended Session

The afternoon session brought together the strategic group and Local Learning Community Partnership reps – notes and inputs from that session are included here…

agenda-Extended ALCP Session 17 on 14th March 2018

session 1 – extended ALCP notes

Governance and Social Capital report 14th March 2019

AVA Partner data reporting template

MAP Partner data reporting template MAP ARPF D1(2019 03)

NHS Partner data reporting template

Partner data reporting – Lead Scotland

SDS Partner data reporting template.doc SDS FEB 2019

SPS Partner data reporting template

WEA Partner data reporting template